Real Ale Trail

What to expect on a Real Ale Trail

A day out with friends visiting pubs presents your average real ale fan with one major problem: who’s going to do the driving?

We take you in search of rural pubs, the odd microbreweries here and there, and chances to sample local ales often only available in that region. There’s no public transport or walking from pub to pub! Our dedicated buses take you to pubs you may not have visited before.

Here's some tips on how best to enjoy the day!

1. Gather the gang, the trail is best enjoyed with good friends

2. Purchase your ticket to ride from the pub or online

3. A ticket gives you the freedom to board the buses and stay as long or as little as you wish at any pub

4. Head over to your starting pub. Check facebook for the bus time table.

5. Plan your pubs stops: buses arrive at each pub every 30ish minutes!

6. Visit the places where the beer is to your taste, the food plentiful and the entertainment entertaining

7. Song choice: Be the first to kick off the singing on the bus

8. Buses: Keep an eye on the time, don’t leave it too late to start the journey back home

9. Drink responsibly: its about the taste not the quantity